Sunday, December 16, 2007

Leavenworth with Common Ground

Leavenworth, Washington's Bavarian Village, was the destination for the Common Ground carpool Saturday. We paused at the summit of Steven's Pass for a group photo (note, I'm the one behind the camera!).

My son Brian, making his home in Rock Island and working in Wenatchee, joined our group for the day in Leavenworth.

What a wonderful day we had wondering in and out of the many shops, finding the best Polish for lunch, picking out a variety of mustards to take back home with us, shopping for hats and just plain old hanging out and having a wonderful time with a group of friends.

Here I am, posing for the camera with my son Brian.

More friends pose for the camera.

As darkness approached, we gathered at the top of the street for a great view of their Christmas lighting ceremony when all at once, the holiday lights decorating every building, top to bottom, are turned on. How very festive and spectacular!

Finding a Mexican restaurant in downtown Leavenworth that was willing to accomodate our group of 25, it felt so good to get out of the cold and enjoy our meal before our drive back to Bellingam.

For more information on things to do and see in Leavenworth throughout the year, visit their website at - This final picture, found on the Internet, shows the main street fully lit with their holiday lights.

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