Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Really Rose Needs Fingerless Mitts for Walking Dogs

Even on rainy days, my double fleece gloves are often too warm. I end up taking them off midway through my daily walk with the dogs and carrying them around. Two leashes and two gloves in my hands as I walk up and down the streets in the hood and meander along the old railroad trail systems is at best a bit awkward. Torrie-the-wonder-dog and Clifford Beagle have a great time regardless, but sometimes I trip over a leash - or even a glove.

I spent some time this evening searching the Internet and found a great pattern to knit fingerless mittens. I'm not sure if I have the right size of double pointed needles in my stash of knitting needles, but I'll check. If not, I'll pick some up Friday after walking the dogs. I'm certain I already have some very colorful yarn in my yarn bin that will work up perfectly in the pattern and make very fun mitts.

These will make a wonderful project for this weekend!

Check back next week for my adapted pattern and pics . . .

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