Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Happy Birthday Dad!

Today, in celebration of my father's birthday, I visited Woodlawn Cemetery to pay tribute and photograph his gravestone.

Loving Father
James Malcolm Robertson
April 15, 1918 - December 9, 2002

(Born in Vancouver, B.C., Canada. Siblings - Bertha Delpha Robertson Schwartz, born January 27, 1908 in Lyman, Washington; Chester George Robertson, born March 2, 1909 in Lyman, Washington; and Wyonetta Iola Robertson Glander, born October 4, 1912 in Mount Vernon, Washington. )

While at the cemetery, I also visited the graves and photographed the gravestones of other, close relatives buried there. I visited the grave of my dear stepmother of 35 years, Shirley. I visited the grave of my grandfather, John, who died many, many years before I was even born. I visited the grave of my grandmother, Josephine, who died when I was barely even a toddler. And, I visited the grave of my favorite cousin, Audrey, whose closeness and sharing of family stories throughout my life helped me feel somehow connected with our family members that had left this world long before I could have ever known or remembered them.

Cherished Stepmother
Shirley Conrad Borman Robertson
September 30, 1923 - December 5, 2001

(Born in Blackwell, Oklahoma.)


Dad's gravestone marker was placed upon Momma Shirley's grave in carrying out their wishes to be buried together for all of eternity - his urn of ashes, placed in her casket.




John Daniel Robertson

December 9, 1877 - September 5, 1938

(Born in Solon Township, Kent County, Michigan, to George Robertson (birthplace, New York), and Eliza Robertson (birthplace, Indiana) as recorded and filed June 10, 1878 in Grand Rapids, Michigan.)



Josephine Elizabeth Martin Robertson

April 12, 1886 - January 15, 1954

(Born in Lyman, Skagit County, Washington.)


My grandparents, John Robertson and Josephine Martin, were married at the Vedome Hotel in Sedro Woolley, Washington by Reverend H.W. Michener as witnessed by my great uncle, Jule Martin, and great aunt, Genevieve (aunt Jennie) Martin on December 30, 1906.


Favorite Cousin
Audrey Wyonetta Schwartz Boyd
September 14, 1928 - January 11, 1992

(Daughter of Bertha Delpha Robertson and Paul Schwartz, born in Vancouver, B.C., Canada.)


Woodlawn Cemetery

5977 Northwest Drive

Ferndale, WA 98248



Cemetery Hours


Map to cemetery.


Happy birthday Dad!

Forever in our hearts.

With love,

Your favorite daughter,




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