Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Spinach Seed

How absolutely fun it was for me to get to ride along, up and down the rows, for acre after acre as the combine raked up the harvest.I never really thought much about the origin of the seeds in those thousands of seed packets available in the garden centers each spring, or where the farmers got the seeds in order to plant their crops each year, but now I see an entirely new world, hear a new language out there in the fields, where row after row of crops are raised soley for their seed harvest. From my homeland here in the Pacific Northwest, through Iowa, Minnesota, Colorado and the many rich-soiled farming areas of America, even as far away as Africa where I once trekked through many pineapple, sugar cane and manioc fields, farming abounds. Agriculture has always been one of my treasured backdrops, right next to our mountains, forests, beaches, lakes, oceans and islands. This time I had front-row seating, watching as tiny spinach seeds were harvested.It's a respectfully long, dusty day for the farmers out there in the fields.When one field is finished, which seemed to be just in time to see the setting sun, that day's work is not even done as the equipment is yet to be driven home and stowed away for the night, and still the next day's work planned out.
More Photos from the spinach seed harvest.


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  1. I thought I was the only one who took pictures of farming equipment in action ;)


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