Sunday, November 15, 2009

Barry Breaks Ground

Finally! Finally ground breaking day arrived. Barry has been waiting for this day for a very long time - years actually. Finally, this was the day for him to warm up that new Kubota tractor and start playing in the dirt. He's beginning the ground work for his new house - his dream house.
With its peek-a-boo view of Hales Passage, the ferry dock and Lummi Island in the distance, it's a beautiful location for his new house.
He says he may mound some of the extra dirt along his fenceline and strategically plant a few trees to add just a little extra privacy. He has plans to put in more landscaping, even a small pond, in his soon-to-be front yard. He talks of planting a garden in the back yard, putting in a small orchard, and even having chickens. It looks like Barry's fun is just beginning!
Breaking ground.

And what's my role in all of this? I get to stop by and let my dog run around the yard with his as I document his house building project by, you guessed it, taking more pictures than the average girl.

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  1. Barry, Here's that song for you

    u know who
    I told you I would send this to you.


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