Monday, March 29, 2010

Flooded Spiral Furrows

With wind gusts in the 50 to 70 mph range and rain showers trying their best to keep up, when I found myself less than a block away from the Happy Valley Community Gardens, I decided to stop in to see how the gardens had fared. Obviously, it will be some time before the garden on the corner nearest to my plot will be ready for planting as standing water now clearly defines their spiral furrows.
I was glad that I had moved much of the straw that I had used to mulch my garden beds for the winter onto the walkway between my raised beds. Even though I heard the occasional squishing sound as I walked along, my feet stayed dry.
Having amended the soil in my raised beds last summer with a yard and a half of good quality 5-way soil mix from Bakerview Nursery, my garden remained well-drained with no standing water.
Just outside my garden though the center of the walkway was flooded, yet my raspberry bed was not. All the new starts that had sprung up where they shouldn't have been that I had recently transplanted into that bed looked to have taken hold and had not gotten beaten down or drowned out by all that heavy rain.
The new bed of rhubarb looked great. As did the pots filled with tulips and herbs.
My fence was still standing, but I noticed a few of the posts were leaning just a bit more than they had been. I guess when I put the fence up around my new garden spot, I had better take the time to give some of these posts a couple of reinforcing poundings too.

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  1. Right there with you on the rain ... looks like you are holding up well and took the proper precautions. Note to self ... need to do that next year.


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