Friday, July 2, 2010


About a month ago, the knob broke off of our espresso maker, rendering it completely useless. The machine wouldn't turn on, wouldn't turn off and it would no longer froth milk. Turns out, it was some sort of little plastic gear inside that had broken, and there was no way to repair it. I considered not replacing the boken espresso maker because, I had a back-up French Press and a backup Melitta Coffee Maker also on hand in my kitchen. So for two weeks I made the morning coffee with the French Press. Perhaps a little on the lazy side because two weeks was about how long it took me to grow absolutely tired of cleaning the coffee grounds out that coffee maker, so next I pulled out the Melitta coffee maker. The Melitta coffee maker was certainly easier to clean - about all there is to it is to pull the fiber filter out and toss it in the garbage, but unfortunately, regardless of how many spoonsful of ground coffee beans I put in the Melitta filter, I found the Melitta coffee disappointingly weak. So, off to the espresso coffee maker store I went!
Now, as of this morning, we're back to having those wonderful hot, foamy, chocolately, frothy cafe mochas.
Absolutely yummy, I think they taste better than at the coffee shops!

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