Wednesday, July 7, 2010

My Spitfires

My Spitfire nasturtiums for this year's Seed GROW project are growing - but they sure look puny. They are not yet even beginning to look like a vining, trailing plant. When compared to the giant, deep green leaves of other clumps of nasturtiums in the gardens, these Spitfires have small leaves and their stems are spindly. Those other, non-Spitfire nasturtiums have formed showy clumps of plants with giant, colorful flowers. Yet these Spitfire, not even beginning to form buds. Apparently slow growing, I'm curious if our growing season here will be long enough for them to even bloom.
I picked this beautiful armfull of giant snapdragons from plants that managed to survive last winter.

Soon ready for harvest, the fava beans are forming sturdy, long pods.

The romaine lettuce is beginning to form huge heads. I can't wait to try this red variety.
Looking so stressed when first set out, even the tomatoes are managing to grow and produce. This is one of the Mortgage Lifter tomatoes. I'm not sure if those black marks on the edge of the leaves and top of the tomato are a sign of blight or signs of the extreme stress the plant suffered when first planted out in the garden, but I hope this tomato will be tasty once it ripens.
These radishes sure look tasty!
With an average high temperature of only 58 degrees for the month of June, my gardens have managed to slowly grow. Now, suddenly (finally!) we are having a heatwave with daily temperatures in the 80s and even a few days promised to be in the 90s. Let's see if those Spitfires start looking better now that it's summer here in the Pacific Northwest.
I'm growing Nasturtium "Spitfire" for the Seed GROW Project. Thanks, to Renee's Garden for the seeds.


  1. Aren't radishes yummy? Mine are long-since eaten. I think the nasties will do better this coming month. And, grrl, that is the nicest red Romaine I've ever seen--it's even sexy! What is the cultivar?

  2. Sorry to hear yours aren't doing so hot. Hopefully they'll perk up and you will join the ranks for those of us who already have blooms.


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