Thursday, December 23, 2010

Red Cozy

Filled with hot water, mine warms my sheets before bed now.Last Sunday as I sat on the hearth waiting for Kristi to return home so we could yell out "surprise" and start the party, I cast stitches onto my needles and began working the knit 2, purl 2 ribbing.
I used this pattern - Hot Water Bottle Cozy. Working black stripes in to add a little interest since I omitted the pocket shown in the pattern, it took only a couple of evenings for me to finish. Except for knitting the body of mine an inch shorter than was indicated in the pattern, I really didn't need to make any other modifications for the cozy to fit my hot water bottle perfectly.
The pattern provided two options for finishing the bottom - the Kitchener stitch to graft the bottom together, or binding off and stitching a seam. New to the Kitchener technique, I followed the link provided in the pattern to the instructions for the stitch and was pleased with how it turned out.If I make another hot water bottle cozy, I think I shall bind off and stitch a seam so I can compare the two techniques.
How cozy on cold winter nights!

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  1. That water bottle looks so comfortable! I could really use one of them here- for the wife (I get into bed, and she puts those cold feet on me...) :)


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