Monday, December 27, 2010

Shameful, Neglected Gardens

For someone who generally spends a lot of time in her garden, it had been an unbelievably long time since I was there. First it was the rain for almost the entire month of October that kept me out. More rain during the first two weeks of November followed by a week of snow and another week when the afternoon temperatures hovered around 16 degrees continued to keep me from working in my garden. Not particularly conducive to gardening, December's weather hasn't been much better either.
Light rain was falling today as I walked along the muddy paths in my gardens. Both of my plots at the Happy Valley Community Gardens look terribly unkept and so obviously untended. Dead, dried twigs stick up where they should not be, and low growing weeds threaten to take over. A few herbs, sages and celantros, fortunately still show signs of life as does my strawberry bed. In anticipation of next summer's sweet berries, hopefully there will be a day or two with no rain so that I can get in there and pull the weeds from in between those strawberry plants.
This is the embarrassingly shameful state of my Garden Number 02. Give me my rake and a sunny afternoon and I should have it cleaned up in a couple of hard working hours.
Same with Garden Number 01.

Shameful, neglected gardens!

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  1. Where is all your snow? It still looks like October where you live! I'll be happy to send you some if you want it, then you won't feel bad about neglecting your garden. Heck, I neglect mine for five months out of the year!


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