Saturday, April 23, 2011

Hertz Trail - Redux

The end of the Hertz Trail was blocked by a huge tree the last time we hiked it, so I tossed a fold-up saw into my pack on the way out the door. Hoping that saw would be sufficient for blazing a trail through the brush and stinging nettles that surrounded the giant obstacle in the middle of our trail, I felt relieved once we had hiked in to that point along the trail and discovered that the problem had already been resolved. That fallen tree, now a permanent fixture, has redefined our trail. We now detour slightly to the left, then walk under that fallen tree in order to continue on to the end of the trail. Here's Dena, I and Janel posing under that giant tree. As you can see, it is a huge! It must have been an incredibly tall tree as it lays over the original path and extends way out into Lake Whatcom.
The sun was out as we hiked today making for a pleasant pause at this small beach along our route. With Lake Whatcom our backdrop, Matt joined us in this photo.
To see pictures from when we hiked the Hertz Trail trail earlier this month, and to get more information about this trail, go here - Really Rose Blog - Hertz Trail.

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