Wednesday, January 23, 2008

On the Trails Again - Dog Walking

It was such a beautiful day again today! Instead of walking our regular route from Brownsville to Barkley Village and back again, we decided to take that other fork in the trail today – the one to the right.

What we discovered was one more beautiful trail system - a trail skirting around the edge of another forested reserve.

Staying high above my regular route, the view was absolutely beautiful! I could look out and see the Barkley buildings, the Irongate/Hannegan buildings, Bellingham Bay and the islands behind the Whatcom Museum of History & Art, and the towers on top of King Mountain.

After thoroughly exploring those new trails and enjoying the view as the sunshine filtered through to our faces, we decided to head down to our regular trail after all so we could visit our favorite duck pond.

A beautifully sunny day in late January in Bellingham, the temperature last night reported at 25 and high for the afternoon predicted at 36, we found the pond abandoned of the ducks normally there and frozen with visible chunks of ice. I was delighted to spot one beautiful blue heron in the distance sitting in the sun on the ice near the cattails.

Today, what a beautiful gift!

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