Saturday, January 12, 2008

Go, Be Free

Filtered sunshine through the window,
Surrounding me in my bed as I awoke
Shining that all is well in my world today.

Dark clouds soon cover my morning sky,
Yet the smile of earlier sunshine
Remains clear and true in my mind.

Morning walking along the path,
At my feet and on its back
My lucky penny shines.

Reminded of that childhood verse,
My found penny will take its place
In my pocket for the day.

With this new coin,
I can go, be free
With a future of more to greet.

~~~ The Childhood Verse of Memories ~~~

"See a penny, pick it up,
All this day, I'll have good luck,

If the head is facing you,
What you wish for will soon come true!

If it is the back you see,
With your money, go, be free!

If a silver coin is found,
All you invest will be sound.

If a coin is at your feet,
Soon you will some money greet!"

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