Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Snow Day

I love that crunching sound as I walk through fresh snow!

A snow day, we set out this morning to walk the Bay to Baker Greenways Trail from Cornwall Park to Squalicum Beach and back again.

A chilly wind was blowing as we approached the beach.

My favorite tree on the beach - regardless of the season!

Torrie makes a friend so they run and play on the beach.

The tide rolls onto the beach and the wind blows.

Torrie can't resist the water so runs in for a quick swim.

Very little snow remains on this driftwood pile we find on the beach.

We head to the trail again for our walk back home.

Along the way, we pass rose hips (not mine!).

We pause at the overlook behind Birchwood Playfield and view the field between us and Squalicum Parkway.

Torrie even stops to roll in the snow!

Nearly home again, my feet are sufficiently wet. It is time to go in to warm up.

We've crunched enough snow for one morning.

A beautiful snow day!


  1. Rose,
    Thanks for sharing such great pictures!! Hope all is well with you and life is treating you great!
    I have a new job selling glasses at Whatcom Optical on James Street.
    Its o.k., I do miss Helping Hands but I have a gal running the cleaning end of that for me.
    Tell Fred hi!! I miss you guys.
    Hows your fella?

  2. Fella? Fella? There's a fella? Where can I get one of those?


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