Thursday, March 13, 2008

My Design on a Dime - Part I - Inspired!

Finding this beautiful red cabinet in a catalog that came in the mail last winter gave me inspiration.

Priced at $999.00, and not even eligible for their free holiday shipping, I knew this beautiful patina finished rojo cabinet from Crate and Barrel would never be in my budget.

That bunch of solid wood apple boxes that I salvaged - for free - from the rafters of an old garage in the Wenatchee area a number of years ago came to my mind though. After taking the boxes out into my back yard, hosing the mud and dust off and letting them dry in the sun, they have been arranged in a number of different configurations and have served me well as bookcases in my home. When I saw that Crate and Barrel rojo cabinet, I immediately knew my dull wooden boxes needed a facelift, and red it was to be.

With Spring just around the corner, the idea of one last inside project before the weather makes me want to spend more time outside seems possible. Today while browsing at Fred Meyers, I headed over to their paint department to look over their assortment of paint color brochures. Immediately catching my eye was one called Dramatic Reds - Crimson, Pink and Berry Tones. I decided this would be the perfect group of color samples to take home as inspiration on shades of red that would be perfect to spice up my old wooden apple boxes.

Heading out of the paint department to go home, I walked past their shelf of mis-mixed paints. Sitting right in the middle of the top shelf was one gallon of Dutch Boy dirt fighter paint with a dot in just the perfect shade of red on top - priced at $5.00!

As soon as I arrived home, I tested the color on one of the wooden apple boxes. I really like it! With some red already in the room and not wanting my apple box bookcase to be too overpowering, now I must decide if I want to leave it in this distressed look.

As they say on that HGTV program, Sensibly Chic, the inspiration wall unit, $999.00 plus $99.00 shipping and handling, and local sales tax - my wall unit, $5.00 plus local sales tax. I just love projects like this!

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