Thursday, March 27, 2008

Totems . . . and Movies


Ever fascinated by the totem poles carved by our local native tribes, while at the Nooksack River Casino for an early buffet dinner, I was able to study the details on two of their totems on display.

Enjoying the Latin/Mexican foods, I thoroughly ate too much!

Observing the play at several of the blackjack tables after dinner was entertaining.

Thank you very much, Fred!


And Two Movies!


First it was "Death at a Funeral, Lasts Rites ... And Wrongs", a 2007 black comedy film directed by Frank Oz. With a plot full of humerous twists and turns, it was entertainment by British humor!

Then, "Margot at the Wedding". A tragicomedy starring Nicole Kidman, a successful but neurotic writer visiting her free-spirited sister (played by Jennifer Jason Leigh) for a weekend on the eve of her wedding to Malcolm (played by Jack Black). Disapproving of her sister's choice of fiancee, a natural dysfunction and tension works it way through the plot of this movie.

Always fun watching movies with you, Terry!

Thanks so much!


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