Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Chuckanut Radio Hour

Recorded live for upcoming broadcast on KMRE-FM 102.3 by the American Museum of Radio and Electricity in downtown Bellingham, we were part of the audience for tonight's taping of The Chuckanut Radio Hour, a variety show sponsored by Village Books featuring authors, music and entertainment by local and regional writers and performers.
The recording studio is part of the radio museum located at 1312 Bay Street, Bellingham, Washington. Arriving a little early, we were able to wonder through the museum a bit admiring some of the beautiful old radios on display.
A Gorgeous Wurlitzer

A small radio from 1928

The Criterion
Radio equipment and relics
from the Titanic are on display.
Tonight's episode of the Chuckanut Radio Hour featured an interview with Pulitzer Prize winner Bill Dietrich, a former Bellingham Herald reporter and now staff writer for the Seattle Times and the assistant professor of environmental studies at Western Washington University. He shared information about his new novel, "The Rosetta Key", a sequel to "Napoleon's Pyramids." Paul Piper, reference librarian for the College of Arts and Sciences at Western Washington University read a few selections from "Winter Apples: Poems." Introducing them as, "poems of nature, of travel, of family, all meditations," this is his fourth published collection of poetry.Musical entertainment was provided for tonight's program by Chuck Dingee and Joe Young of the The Walrus, one of Bellingham's best classic rock bands and the house band for the Chuckanut Radio Hour. Tonight they included several songs in memory of the late, great singer/songwriter Dan Fogelberg. Allen Rhodes, a columnist for Cascadia Weekly, added to the program entertainment by sharing a humorous essay about local street names. "The Bellingham Bean," shared another episode of their live radio serial comedy. The Chuckanut Radio Hour reminds me of the skits I heard over the air waves when living in Minnesota many, many years ago on "The Prairie Home Companion" and have since continued to enjoy on National Public Radio stations.
More photos from The American
Museum of Radio and Electricity

Garrison Keillor is coming to town!
An announcement was made tonight that in September the Chuckanut Radio Hour taping will take place at Western Washington University with Garrison Keillor of the "Prairie Home Companion" as their guest. Program details and ticket sales information to be announced at a later date.
Wow, I sure would love a ticket!!!!

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