Saturday, May 17, 2008

Moving Sally

Five men, three women, three pickups, two vans, a station wagon and a car is what it took today to move Sally. Part of an old homestead in rural Ferndale, I found the cottage where she had been living for the last three years absolutely charming.

The men did most of the hard work! They loaded up the trucks with all the bigger pieces of furniture and we put the boxes and smaller items in the vans and cars. All vehicles were stuffed, but somehow we got everything loaded and were able to take it all to her new apartment near downtown Ferndale in one trip.

After all was unloaded and carried up the stairs to her new apartment, Sally, Kriss and I headed back to clean the cottage. More hard work, especially since we are in the middle of a record heat wave! One last trip for Sally so she could get her cat, then it was back to her new apartment to get settled in.

Fudge cycles for all!

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