Saturday, August 2, 2008

She Came for the Rock

As we shared those tender bites of the first radishes we harvested from the Friendship Garden, it was confirmed that the time spent tilling and toiling in the dirt finally paid off with yet a promise of more to come.
Donna stopped by to check out the new baby Kubota that had arrived just that morning, and ended up taking it for a test drive.
Torrie, always welcoming when someone returns.
Then it was time to load the big rock, so out comes the big Kubota to be put to the task.

Donna, she is a hard worker!

He had to line it up just so!

Do you think it is too heavy for my truck?

Need to push it in just a little further.

And then just a little more!

How much did you say it weighed?

She said she planned on driving slowly and taking the back roads to get the rock home!

She calls it land fill, one rock at a time!

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