Saturday, October 4, 2008

The Galloping Gourmet

With a family history of adult onset Type II diabetes, my goals through participation in the Saint Joseph Hospital Peace Health LifeQuest 2008 Diabetes Wellness Fair were education and prevention. What a great opportunity for me to gain helpful information on the prevention of diabetes in my life.Remember Graham Kerr, that cooking personality who gained fame through his show, The Galloping Gourmet? Married since 1955, and the one who planned and prepared all their meals, after his wife, Treena, suffered a series of severe health issues - a stroke, a heart attack, a triple bi-pass operation, hypertension and had developed diabetes and high cholesterol, he re-addressed his entire approach to cooking and nutrition and made changes in order to develop healthier recipes and a healthier lifestyle.
During one of his presentations at the Diabetes Wellness Fair, he introduced us to a new Graham Kerr website that is filled with information and healthy recipes and shared about his new book, Day-by-Day Gourmet.
Also sharing with us about one of his other books, Recipe for Life, where they describe their views on how we may live closer to the life that Jesus described when speaking about all people having life in more abundance, Macie checked out the table of books as he autographed copies.Often the events that I attend offer great food - this one, no exception. Macie had fun as she approached the giant sandwich she had built for herself at the buffet table.Holding my breath just a little as the technician poked my finger to squeeze a little dot of my blood onto a test strip in order to obtain my non-fasting blood glucose reading, I breathed a big sigh of relief when she informed me that my reading was 109, well within the normal range of 100 to 140. I took lots of notes, hopeful that if I diligently continue to do what I can to properly educate myself and maintain a healthy lifestyle, I will remain successful at avoiding this dreaded disease.In addition to the main-speaker events, attendees were able to participate in a variety of other workshops and classes throughout the day. I selected a lecture on balancing diabetes with other life challenges. While the speaker addressed diabetes specifically, I could easily relate the message to the balancing of other chronic health conditions - like heart disease, for example. I also attended a workshop filled with helpful hints on weight management and eating healthy, another filled with a near overwhelming amount of information on natural health remedies through the use of vitamins, minerals and other supplements and one other workshop offering some fun and quick exercise tips.


The Diabetes Wellness Fair is an annual event for friends, family and individuals living with diabetes, pre-diabetes or concerned about diabetes. For more information, visit them on the web at A full-day event, this year it featured:

  • Local medical professionals speaking about the latest research on diabetes.
  • Information about the latest products and services.
  • Education on methods for managing weight, meal planning ideas, nutrition, physical activity and stress management.
  • Ways of coping with the challenges of diabetes.
  • Suggestons for the best treatments for diabetes complications.
  • Free health screenings and product samples.
  • Exhibitors offering products and services relating to managing diabetes.

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  1. On the galloping Gourmet. Rose you did a great job. You are always getting in there, volunteerung, and doing more than your share. There should be a lot more people like you



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