Sunday, October 19, 2008

Passenger Seat

Many trips back and forth from the field to the bunker while taking in the sunny view from the passenger seat as autumn leaves speckled the hills and banks surrounding the north and south forks of the beautiful Stillaguamish River and the corn chopper made pass after pass around the field chopping up row after of row of corn. Filling one big truck after another, each time we took our turn at being loaded before making each drive to dump another load onto the base of an already huge mountain of silage as an even bigger tractor drove up and down, over and over, back and forth, on the top of it all in order to pack it down into the bunker. With sometimes a wave or nod as we passed one of the other trucks along the highway, it was a fast process with big machinery, big trucks and certainly no time for any dawdling.
With the last load being dumped into one of the other trucks and this field finished, the rush would still be on to finish the remainder of fields with their acres of corn standing while clear skies remain overhead.Lots of gears to shift through on this truck, and even more dials on its dash.
Lucky me, I had the passenger seat!

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