Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Sunny Skies

Wow, I can hardly believe the sunny skies lately! Well into October and after a few days of rain and a few nights of frost, gloriously sunny days remain. Afternoons like this are meant to be spent as if on vacation - at the beach and with the dog.
Swimming out to fetch sticks.
Exploring the beach.
Watching driftwood bleach in the sunny, salty air.
Meanwhile, these sunny skies call to our farmers as they work long hard days together heaping their bunkers full with acre after acre of chopped corn.
This time of year, they, too, look forward to leisurely vacation days - somewhere else, under warm sunny skies. To be enjoyed after their work is finished, a destination far away. In a different time zone and a different climate, afternoons to be spent exploring new lands and evenings dancing on the deck under the moonlight.

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