Sunday, November 9, 2008

After the Rains Came

Heading out for our walk this morning, I could feel a bit of calm in our air between that last storm and our next. With the rains reduced to only a light sprinkle now, I could safely leave my hood down without getting drenched. Pausing to look over the fence and on down to the creek flowing fast below my driveway, I wondered how this tree had managed to hold onto its beautiful leaves through that last storm.
The path through the park today, blown almost free of the downed leaves.
Huge piles of leaves remain under all the trees now.
Giant piles of leaves blown up against the fence line.
Someone had raked these leaves into piles only to watch them blow around again.
More piles of leaves left throughout the leaf-scattered yard.
The other side of the street dotted with snowberries and drenched with downed leaves.
Gathering some windfall apples, I decided to make more fresh applesauce for dinner.

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