Sunday, November 9, 2008


Parking the car next to my favorite place in Anacortes, Causland Memorial Park, and then walking over to the church to attend the memorial for Catherine, I knew that after the service Torrie and I could enjoy a walk around those massive decorative rock mosaic walls in the park in the remaining daylight of our afternoon.A closer view of the mosaic design on the back of the gazabo in Causland Memorial Park.Leaves cover the entrance steps leading into the corner of the park.
Before leaving town for my drive home, I decided to take one more walk. This time, along the Anacortes Marina to enjoy the beautiful view as the boats and clouds reflected in the calm water.
More photos from today in Anacortes.

From the City of Anacortes website: Causland Memorial Park (8th Street and "N" Avenue) was built in the 1920's by Louis Lepage and is on the National Register of Historic Places. A portion of the park is dedicated to Anacortes veterans from World War I to the Vietnam War. The 2 acre park is unique in its use of decorative rock and black and white mosaic for structures and walls. Low, serpentine mosaic walls surround the park, and a bandstand, amphitheater and terraces are similarly made of colored pebble and rock mosaic. Other park features include picnic tables, mature ornamental plantings, a small grassy lawn and many terraces. The park is visited frequently by tourists enthralled by its lovingly detailed decorations.

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