Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Pretty Bird, Pretty Bird

A guided tour led by a volunteer of their facility seemed most appropriate at the conclusion of our meeting at the Mollywood Parrot Rescue and Sanctuary. The tour was most timely as another volunteer had pulled her car into the driveway to deliver three large bird cages filled with abandoned cockatiels to the person with whom we had originally been meeting.
Most birds are kept in cages.
Colorful birds in an outdoor avery seemed friendly and happy to see us by coming right up to our side of their cage and competitively chirping for attention.
Row after row of caged birds filled a three-car garage.Loud chirps (very loud!) seemed to come from all the cages as we passed - their combined volume, extremely hard on our ears.
More photos from the tour.

Some birds compulsively pick at their feathers. This behavior can become so compulsive that a special collar must be worn as protection so that they do not cause harm to themselves. I wondered if this bird, with its feathers spread so neatly over its collar, was perhaps making some sort of bird fashion statement.
More information about the Mollywood Parrot and Rescue Sanctuary can be found on their website at -

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