Thursday, February 5, 2009


Knitting since I was in the third grade, it keeps my fingers limber to this day. With several projects ready for the felting process, my first was inspired by some of the felted bags and hats seen for sale in one of the craft booths while in the town of Concrete during the Upper Skagit Eagle Festival recently. Combining features that I liked from several of those bags into one, I designed this bag especially for myself.
Rectangular, mine is knit throughout using two strands of a classic jet black merino wool and boasts a red band to brighten the top.
Two heavy icords attached to the top of the bag form extra strong shoulder straps.
Red rosettes adorn one corner.
The rosettes were fun to knit and they work up so very fast. With the knitting finished on this one, it is ready to bind off. The other two, rolled into spirals to form the rosettes are ready for felting.
Knitting a green swatch, after it goes through the felting process, it will be cut into several leaf shapes. The individual leaves will go through a second felting, and attached as trim around the rosettes.
This next felting project, a cozy for my iPod.
The knitting goes fast for this project and I like that I get to knit in rounds, using four needles at the same time. A narrow icord as a shoulder strap will complete my ipod pouch.
Now isn't this absolutely the perfect color choice for the iPod nano that my children gave me? Won't we be looking so sharp at the gym!

For a "how-to" on a felting process very similar to the one I follow, view this series of YouTube videos.

Part 1

Part 2

What's your latest project?

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