Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Nudging Spring!
With my favorite shade of yellow.


  1. Are those starts? Its always a sure sign of spring when the forsythia bloom. If you have luck getting those started i would like a couple for the yard

  2. Are those starts? if so i would like a couple if you have great success with them. thoese yellow blooms are always a sure sign spring has arrived and its time to plant a garden.

  3. Brian, while I've heard that about all you have to do to start forsythia is to stick the twigs in water, or even directly in the ground, but I've never tried it mysef. I've forced them to bloom in vases in the house before, sof these show signs rooting (or even not show signs of dying away in their vase) I'll save them for your yard.

    My pic of the blooming forsythia is one I took last year. We've snow predicted for tomorrow, so this is wishful "spring" thinking on my part.

    Love, your favorite Mom!

  4. dont worry about the starts. i know you have limited space. The news reports 2-3 inches of snow in Bellingham, clear and sunny here


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