Friday, February 27, 2009

Winter Holds (End of February Snow)

Only a few days ago, it looked like Spring was just around the corner. I was certainly ready for warmer weather and pushed it by bringing in forsythia branches. Now, inside watching those buds begin to swell on their branches, I also see all those inches of snow piled up once again just outside my window.
Those who predict our local weather say it won't last, that Spring is really just around the corner. Though hopeful, with snow on our heads and toes, somehow that news has yet to bring comfort when out walking.
Meanwhile, we stay inside, slicing our homemade bread. Started the evening before, its flavor is slightly tangy, almost a sourdough, and wonderful toasted.
And Torrie, he napped contently on his trusty mallard.

More pics from our end of February snow.


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