Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Happy Valley Grows

The weeds are growing fast, but fortunately all those vegetable and flower plants that I planted in my Happy Valley Community Gardens garden spot seem to be growing faster.With common weeds like dandelions and grasses to keep up with, the most prominent of weeds throughout these gardens seem to be the horsetail plant and comfry. I spent a little time pulling those little weeds today and now my garden looks great again.
More pics from my Happy Valley garden.

I was not sure if this was a weed or a flower, but there were large stocks of it as tall as me growing around the big clump of lupins in my garden. I've been watching them as they formed masses of yellow buds and their stocks were getting out of control and beginning to impose into the walkway through my garden. I found their fragrance rather unpleasant too, so I decided to pull them out and break them down to add to my compost bin. Out of curiosity as to what they actually are though, I left a couple of their stocks near the back of that particular bed so that I'll have a sample for identification once they bloom. I think they actually are a weed of some sort that has simply grown out of control.
Do you know what they are?


  1. Looks like ragweed.

  2. Dear Daughter Gardener Jeni, That explains why I found its smell so offensive - plus I didn't mention how it made my eyes water, nose run and skin itch. I think you've correctly identified my mystery plant! Thanks much, Your mom!

  3. Hummmmm, looking more closely at the leaves and flower buds on this mystery plant, maybe it's really white mugwort.

    Check out this link -


    What do you think?


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