Sunday, July 5, 2009

Sister Wives

The music in the park series on Orcas Island means great music on the stage at the San Juan County Village Green Park on Sunday evenings. The concert this week featured the Sister Wives, a rock and blues band comprised of four women from Salt Lake City. Ritambhara, a friend on Orcas who more often performs with her cello and the sister of one of the band members, added her great blues harmonica riffs to the show. The stage is large and built with huge timbers with supports on each side made from large tree trunks, and has a green roof. Green roofs were covered in the WSU watershed master/beach watcher classes I took last spring. Follow this link to the Greenroofs Project database website - Orcas Park Village Greenroof - to learn more about the design of this stage and its green roof.
I liked this totem pole on display in the park.
Walking by this compost bin made from old lumber at the edge of the park after the concert reminded me that composting can be easy and the bins do not have to start with new lumber. I thought this looked so natural and blended so well with the landscape.
More pics from the concert in the park.

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