Monday, August 17, 2009

Bamboo Trellis

The peas have grown so fast at my Happy Valley Garden. Already taller than me, they were well past the top of their current trellis and in need of more support. This seemed the perfect time to make a bamboo trellis. With four eight-foot bamboo poles, one three-foot post and a roll of twine, we created a very sturdy trellis. Forming a frame with two poles at each end, both planted deeply into the soil in an X shape, the three-foot post was placed through the bamboo X. Twine was wrapped around and tied at the connecting points to secure all of the pieces together. Additional rounds of twine were wrapped along the posts as supports for the pea plants as they continue to grow and attach themselves to the trellis. Thanks for your help with those tall parts that were way out of my reach!
Meanwhile, turns out that while working around the pea patch, I found peas ready to harvest. Just enough for one small serving, but the plants are loaded and soon there will be plenty more to share.
Making a bamboo trellis and more garden shots.


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