Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Time Again

Today was the day. Time to join Weight Watchers - again. Noticing their ad on TV, "join now and get a free month," I guess this was the offer I'd been waiting for. Going online, I signed up for what they called their best value - a FREE month, FREE registration and FREE internet tools. I chose their Monthly Pass so I can attend local meetings and use their online tools.
My next step was to find a local meeting, and attend. As it turned out, the Weight Watchers meetings are held very near where I live. How convenient can that be? Attending my first meeting this evening, I was impressed. Their system is computerized now and their check-in process is very private. Gone are the days where you stepped up on the scales right smack dab in the middle of a room filled with the eyes of hundreds of other people. (That's exactly how it was back in 1976 that time Gary and I joined!)
I didn't find their meeting to be too bad. Well, maybe a bit on the boring side. It started with a generic discussion about some of the obvious issues dieters can encounter when eating out. Then they progressed to announcements (followed by group applause) about two members who had accomplished milestones - one, a 35 pound loss and the other, 40 pounds down. That was encouraging! Four of us were new to their program during that meeting, so we had to stay after the regular meeting for an orientation meeting.
There are regular meetings on other days with other leaders. I'll check those out to see if any of them might offer a little more pizzazz and enthusiasm. All in all, walking out with a bundle of introductory materials in hand, I did feel supported, well prepared and committed to following the Weight Watchers program - again.With their online tools, I had already logged the "points" I'd consumed for breakfast, lunch and snacks during the day, but still had dinner to go. With 4.5 points of my 24 daily point allowance remaining, dinner consisted of a small yellow zucchini (fresh picked from my garden just this morning by the way) for zero (yes zero!) points with a pork chop (for 4 points). The only thing that I did differently now that I was a member of Weight Watchers was to trim the pork chop very well before grilling. Notice the huge pile of fat left behind on the cutting board that I trimmed off just one pork chop. Wow! Grilled on my George Foreman grill without any added oil, the squash and pork chop were both absolutely delicious.Also added to my dinner plate was half of a very juicy tomato that my neighbor Mike had given me fresh from his mother's garden. That half of tomato, also zero points! To finish off the rest of my points, I sliced half of a fresh peach for half of a point and called it dessert. It was a wonderful meal!
Weight Watchers seems to encourage a healthy lifestyle, and their system allows for the tracking of daily exercise too. By logging my 50 minute workout on the stationary bike and the 20 minute workout with weights that I did in the morning, I gained an extra 4 points for the day. It seems that these extra exercise points can be swapped for food points if needed, just in case one consumes more than their daily point allotment. Not needing any extra points today though, it does feel good to have options. There's even a chart that's created online at the click of a button after everything has been logged that summarizes the points used each day and week.
With a quick look at the summary for my firt day, I could easily see that I was on the right track.

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