Sunday, February 14, 2010

Fish Nets and Zuanich

Thinking about the deer-proof fencing I need to make for my new garden space at the Happy Valley Community Gardens, once the rain stopped, it was time to grab the dog and head down to Bellingham's waterfront to check out the pile of discarded nets by the dumpster in the commercial fishing work area. As usual, there are plenty available. That bright orange net might make a great gate, and the black, perfect around the perimiter.The promenade was crowded with others out enjoying the afternoon sun as we walked around Squalicum Harbor and Zuanich Point Park, then on to the marina and through the Hotel Bellwether development. On the weekends, we can purchase fresh, wild Alaskan salmon directly from this boat at the dock.
Still the middle of what should be winter, looking around, it seemed a bit difficult to believe that it was only February. While other parts of our country seem to be getting dumped on, week after week, one snow storm after another, here we have unseasonably warm temperatures forcing the camellias to full bloom in the garden in front of the Bellingham Yacht Club, and other fruit trees are beginning to blossom.
More pics from the waterfront, marina and Zuanich Park.

What a beautiful day for Valentine's Day!


  1. That's where we got our deer fencing last year. It's working out quite well. Go recycling!

  2. Me too! Now that I've doubled my garden space at the Happy Valley Gardens, I'm b-a-c-k for more.

    While visiting the Orcas Island farmers market last summer, I would often see a booth with all kinds of things made from fish nets - but the crafter said he used brand new nets. Seems like we under-utilizing this wonderful recycling opportunity. You're so crafty and clever, can you help figure out ways to keep those nets from ultimately going to a landfill. Could we make shopping bags, hammocks, plastic lid holders, toy holders, book marks, costumes, or any other useful things with those discarded nets?


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