Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Walls Go Up

Wow! Wow was the only sound I could exclaim as I drove past the lot filled with overgrown forest and brush when suddenly Barry's house came into view. Wow, it really does look like a house now. Barry is definitely building his dream house! It hadn't been much more than a week since I'd stopped by, and the workers were just finishing up the foundation and floor then. And now, now almost all the walls have been built. That crew of workers certainly are keeping busy. The windows are being framed in - lots of windows. Here's a view from outside one, looking out to the other side of the house through another.
This is what Barry's house looks like from the street now.
Barry took me on the grand tour inside, room by room, discussing as we took in the view from each window things like counter tops, furniture arrangements, closet space, open spaces, decks and other outdoor living areas that will compliment the layout of his house.
Take the grand tour yourself, inside and outside.

Barry looks on as he observes the interior construction from just inside his dining area window.


Follow these links to Barry's blog - - and to his website - - to read more.

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