Thursday, June 10, 2010

My Birthday

Evey day should be special, not just birthdays and Christmas. June 10th just happens to be my birthday - and it's my brother's birthday too - so it really does feel like an extra special day. We're not twins, far from it actually, he's nine years older. But, it's always felt special to be able to wish Tim a happy birthday on my birthday. The Beatles Birthday Song is my favorite birthday tune, so, Tim, here you go - YouTube, Beatles Birthday Song. Happy birthday to you.

A fun birthday it was too. Lovely bromeliads were delivered on behalf of my daughter in Denver, Colorado. Thanks, Jen, I love 'em!
Celebrating over plates piled full with food followed by games at one of our local casinos was crazy because I'm not at all a gambler, but now it has been proven that I will go just about anywhere for good food with good friends.
As apartment dwellers, it seems that my friends and I have started treating my garden plots at the Happy Valley Community Gardens like they were our back yards, and lately, after almost any outing, some of us end up there. Thanks to Kriss, this time it was to plant my garden art birthday gift, the absolute perfect present for the gardener in me. Thank you, Kriss.
Once at the gardens, we soon found ourselves nibbling on tender baby radishes right over the water faucet. How special this year that my birthday has officially marked the very first harvest from my new garden spot there, Garden Nbr. 02.
Thank you for helping to make this such special birthday.

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  1. I like the garden art in the picture. Was that hand crafted? Where could they be purchased. Very cute!!


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