Sunday, June 13, 2010

Our New Town

Our new town is small, relaxed, casual and quiet. With what seems like almost more than our share of historic and scenic parks, a well-developed trail system, two large grocery stores, lots of restaurants, plenty of bars, two drug stores, a small medical clinic, a few traffic signals along our Main Street, even a 7-11, we are located in the Pacific Northwest, yet our town reminds me of any one of those all-American towns found throughout the midwest. Looking out the side window, our view is of a large grain elevator, the industrial core of our town. Day and night, the sounds of train whistles and steel wheels rolling over steel tracks has become our new signal that all is well. Uniquely sophisticated, the scarlet bosom of this fancy-dressed mannequin in the old timey storefront I pass when walking along Second Street seems to capture the industrial heart of our new town perfectly.Described on the City's own website as a vibrant community of 11,080 people, the town was first named Jam because it was located along the Nooksack River near a large log jam. I am glad that the name was changed to Ferndale some years later by a school teacher that admired the ferns growing around the original school house. When I think of jam, I think of sweet fruit preserves spread on warm buttered toast, but I suppose now that I live near the Nooksack, I will be thinking more about log jams than fruit.
Torrie was delighted at the discovery of a new swimming hole at the off-leash park located along that same river. An easy walk from home, we now meet friends - and their dogs - after dinner for a walk around the park, then head down to the river bank for some serious fun - dog swimming.
Conveniently located near Interstate 5, and an easy drive either north to the Canadian border or south to Bellingham, or even on to Seattle, like most of America, our new little town is not without big road construction projects.
Our new town feels like home. It is our town now.

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