Friday, February 18, 2011

Monthly Dances

There's one of my friends giving a "thumbs up" out on the dance floor. He, along with many of my friends had a wonderful time dancing at the church dance.Several years ago, the building was purchased from the Elks Club and remodeled to become the Mount Vernon Christ the King Church. Now, home to regular worship services and ministries, they just happen to be keepers of one of the very best dance floors in all of Skagit County. We call it a fund raiser, but the price of admission is very low. I think we're having more fun than we are raising money. (Perhaps we should call them fun raisers instead.) We simply move the chairs to expose the dance floor, set up a few tables around the perimiter, pull out the stage and hire a band.

If you look closely, you'll see me just about in the middle of the dance floor. I'm the third person back in what's kind of the center row of dancers. First it's the blue plaid shirt guy, then a gal in purple, then me - in the grey, and then the lady in red. See me now?Thanks, Gina, for taking these first two photos. This month it was Jamin' Jeff that entertained us with his classic rock-n-roll songs. Here's Jeff, posing while I took his photo with my cell phone!
Information about our ministry can be found here - Single Connection. Stay tuned, we have more dances coming up.

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