Monday, February 14, 2011

Dirt! The Movie

As an organic gardener, I think about dirt. I think about what might have gone into my dirt before I started gardening there, and what I contribute to it myself. The Sustainable Living Center, located above the RE Store in downtown Bellingham, Washington is offering a free showing of "Dirt! The Movie" as part of the Wonder of Oneness film series sponsored by Re Sources for Sustainable Communities, the Community Food Co-Op and the Center for Local Self-Reliance. Here's the movie trailer.

Gets me thinking a little more about dirt. The movie is also available to watch online at - Note that near the bottom of their web page, this site states -

"Please Excuse The Ads Which Pop Up On First Click. These Have Nothing To Do With Us. They Are Built Into MegaVideos Player & We Do Not Support Popup Ads of Any Kind!"

I was able to watch the entire movie online WITHOUT downloading that software.

Happy gardening!

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