Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Along Came Andrew

We had set out for a trail walk - like any other day. This time, we started at the end of State State Street near downtown Bellingham in order to walk the South Bay Trail to Boulevard Park and Talyor Dock. Planning to continue our walk on to Fairhaven and then to Marine Park, the round trip would have been well over four miles. Walking along the waterfront with a view of the islands on a sunny day hardly even feels like exercise because it is so beautiful. Our walk went as planned - until, that is, that we reached the end of Taylor Dock. As if waiting for us, that's where we met up with Andrew.
He joined us for the remainder of our walk, suggested we stop at the legendary Colophon Cafe in downtown Fairhaven for refreshments, and walked with us back to where we had parked. What fun we all had together as we stopped for photographs along our way, talking and laughing as we all enjoyed our afternoon together.
We paused at the old fishing dock at the south end of Boulevard Park. Cordoned off several years ago for eventual structural repairs, only the local birds now enjoy that part of the park.
We paused along the way many times just to enjoy the view. Here I am, sitting at the dock of the bay.
This song comes to mind - Otis Redding, (Sittin' On) The Dock of the Bay
A very fun afternoon in the sun along the waterfront!

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