Saturday, May 7, 2011

Procession of the Species

The Procession of the Species is one of those events that keeps me coming back year after year after year. A parade to celebrate our community, creativity and connection with nature, there are three simple rules: 1 - no live animals, 2 - no motorized vehicles and 3 - no words written or spoken. The costumes are colorful and fun.
 Participants really get into the fun of this parade.
 This was one of my favorite costumes this year. Very clever!
Certainly a clever use of a foam matress pad, and definitely a delicacy here in the Pacific Northwest, I loved this Goeduck complete with the clam diggers running along behind.
Each year the parade begans in front of City Hall and ends with a party at Maritime Heritage Park. I enjoy walking through the staging area to admire the clever costumes as the parade participants line up. Then I position myself somewhere in the middle of the parade route so as to have a great view of the parade. As the parade comes to a close, I rush down to the Maritime Heritage Park and join in the fun at the end-of-parade party. Here's the gathering at the Maritime Heritage Park.

Follow this link - - to see photos of past Procession of the Species parades.

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