Sunday, February 3, 2008

NFL Super Bowl XLII

Giants 17 - Patriots 14

Today was Super Bowl Sunday! Lori graciously opened her home to host our Common Ground Super Bowl party. Whether we were rooting for the Patriots or the Giants, Lori's was the place to be for good friends, good food, good fun, and a great game!

We settle in to watch the game . . .

Although often snacking during the first half, we took a Tom Petty food break during half time . . .

Then it's back to the game . . .

Quoting Fox News report, "late into the fourth quarter, Eli Manning drove the Giants 83 yards down the field, and tossed the game-winning touchdown pass to Plaxico Burress with 35 seconds left in the Super Bowl" - yes, at that point we are all at the edge of our chairs. Great turnaround!

Oops, was that a little dent I noticed on Steve's car?

Thanks go to Al tonight for offering to let me follow his car to Interstate 5 as we were leaving. Not very familiar with that part of the county, especially in the dark, I always seem to have to turn around a time or two before I am actually headed in the right direction. Thank you, Al!

I think I need a Garmin!

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