Monday, December 8, 2008


Ever wonder how old you really are? Each year, we celebrate a birthday and accept the fact that we are one year older. Not only does the calendar mark our age, so does how well we take care of ourselves. It is a proven fact that by leading a healthy lifestyle, we possess the ability to slow down our aging process.
One evening recently one of our local news programs mentioned a website,, where we could take a test to find out how old we really were. The website, full of lots of information to help us guide us in living a healthy life, has made available a free test to help us determine our biological age based on several factors - chronological age, genetics and the lifestyle we lead.
Always trying to take good care of myself, I couldn't resist checking that website out. After an easy registration process, the test was free and easy to take - check it out yourself at RealAge - Free Test.
My test results told me that I must be doing something right! I do try to eat healthy, I try my best to get plenty of rest, I drink lots of water and I certainly stay very physically active by regularly going out for long walks and hikes, frequently going out to dance and by working out at the City Gym several times each week.
What is my real age? Chronologically, I am 56.4 years old, yet based on how I am living my life, their test results revealed that I am 47.1 years old - a difference of 9.3 years!
Really now, how old are you? Register and take the Real Age - Free Test to find out.

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