Monday, December 15, 2008

Wind Chill

It sure felt a lot colder out there than the thermometer indicated as we headed down our driveway for a walk. Even with the clear blue sky overhead, the street remained ice covered and everything seemed frozen absolutely solid.
Torrie sniffed around in the snow and seemed to enjoy the crisp freshness in the air.
My shadow paused to observe some small snow drifts the wind had blown up against a frozen hedge.
Even bundled in my best fleece layers while out walking in the afternoon sun today, it did not take me long to conclude that combined with the relentless wind averaging 25 mph, our afternoon high of 23 degrees fahrenheit really felt much, much colder - according to this wind chill chart, more like only 7 degrees!

While I love being outdoors, on afternoons like, I am really glad that I have a membership at the gym this winter. The gym is exactly where you will find me getting the majority of my exercise now, and at least for the next few weeks according to our local weather forecasts!

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