Friday, April 17, 2009

Beach Monitor Training

As a Spring snow storm was dumping on Denver,I was outside enjoying the sun and beach at Marine Park with fellow classmates practicing beach monitoring techniques as part of our WSU Beach Watchers Program training.
Beach monitoring field equipment
A lesson in reading a compass.
Using the profile poles, we practice reading and taking measurements as we learn how to determine elevation changes on a beach.
Compass readings and measurements are taken from a designated starting point in order to find the profile and transect lines for each beach to be monitored.
The beach floor is examined for composition and critters, recording our findings on field data sheets.
Reference materials help us with the identification of the various intertidal species we find.
Further instruction on the technique for placing transects is received.
More measurements are taken along the transect line and flags set in place.
A quadrat set in place, ready for evaluation and data recording.
More beach monitor training photos.


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