Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Dirt

It's starting to look like garden season is near! An entry gate and fence have been added to welcome gardeners to our new Cordata Community Gardens.Everyone has worked hard! Crews have filled each bed with soil, and a layer of high-quality mulch tops each off. There's my neighbor's spot - the front one on the left! And my spot, the next one to the right!
Some have started setting out plants. Tomatos and tender salad greens have been planted in one bed.
The gardeners for this space have added a layer of grass clippings for mulch.
A little early, the soil is still a bit cool for most seeds to germinate. Another gardener has covered their bed with a special fabric to help warm the soil.
Square-foot gardening is a good choice for raised beds. One of our gardeners has already marked their beds off with twine and is ready to go!
My next gardening goal, pick up nails and twine, grab my hammer and tape measure as I head off to the garden and section my spot off into square foot increments too. Then, draw out a plan of what to plant where! Soon, I'll really be playing in the dirt!

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  1. Wonderful garden pictures. I am part of a community garden project in North Bonneville, Washington and we are wondering what the inside of the fence is made of. Thank you!



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