Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Building a Garden

Volunteers and paid workers continue to come out to work. Week after week they do a great job and are making progress on the building of our new Cordata Community Gardens. Under the leadership of Ben and Dee Andrews and Bill Smith, most of the raised garden beds are now in place, and the fence is nearly finished. Our donated tool shed has received another coat of paint and looks about ready to use.
Water lines are finished and many faucets have been installed throughout the gardens to make it easy for us to water once summer is here.
One step closer to being able to plant our seeds, a trailer load of bags filled with leaf mulch has arrived and is ready to use for layering in the plant beds along with cardboard, soil and other composted materials.
A convenience station has been added for gardeners and visitors.
Soon we will be planting our seeds and anxiously watching for those first seedlings to appear.

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