Monday, April 20, 2009

Cardboard Resolve

The excess layers of cardboard issue is resolved! Gardeners and community volunteers signed up to work shifts in the garden this weekend. Our assignment, to place three layers of cardboard in the bottom of the raised beds. Upon my arrival to work my designated shift, I was surprised to see that ALL of the beds had already been filled with cardboard. So full was mine, however, that it was half full in places! No doubt filled by a well-meaning volunteer, thank you, I think!
Today, when none of the volunteers were there, I went to the gardens to remove those excess layers of cardboard from my assigned raised bed. My goal, to free up enough space in my assigned space to allow room to add at least enough soil in which to plant my seeds and possibly grow a few carrots. Wow, with plenty of layers remaining, look at the pile of excess cardboard I pulled out!
Walking back to my car, I looked at the many empty beds in our community garden and tried to imagine what it will look like once we have the soil in each bed, and then what it will look like once all of our vegetables and flowers are growing.
Can you imagine?

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