Monday, October 12, 2009

First Frost

Looking down from the third floor window at that first frost on the lawn, I thought the garden would have been hit much harder. I figured I'd be out there pulling up lots of dead stuff, but instead I picked raspberries.
Then dug some potatoes.
And picked colorful stems of buds from my bed of snapdragons. The frost had nipped the last of the life from the cucumber vines that remained in my garden, so I removed those; but clearly, some plants were more tolerant of the frost than others. With straw, I mulched around my new blueberry bushes to give them a little more protection from the upcoming winter. Then I placed a layer of straw over the soil where the potatoe plants had been.
I don't know what to do with my garlic. It has been growing since mid-summer, but in checking under the soil, it has yet to form cloves around its main root bulb. I guess I'll just leave it in the ground for the winter. Perhaps it will rot.
A pretty day even with the frost, and rain is in our forecast for the next ten. I certainly could have worked longer in my garden, but decided all looked well enough to leave until after the rain and wind has come - and gone again.
More garden pics from our first frost.


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