Thursday, October 29, 2009

Jen's Snow

It sure looked a lot like winter in Denver today. My daughter took these photos this morning.
The snow doesn't phase them much in Denver - life goes on, work goes on. I remember one night when I lived there myself, I took a bus from downtown Denver to a park-n-ride in Aurora only to find all the cars buried in the snow. There was nothing but a row of big snow bubble cars in the dark. Once, someone had dug half of my car out, only to discover that it was not their car. They must have been on a bus earlier than mine so I did not get to witness their disappointment, but it sure saved me time when it came to locating my car that night. Next to my half-dug-out car was a big hole in the snow - a car snow bubble popped. What a relief it was to hear that they recently got brand new snow tires for Megan's car! You guys drive carefully, and remember to down shift . . .

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