Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Friday Harbor Bound

Check it out, I'm Friday Harbor bound! I'm off to Friday Harbor with a group of friends from the Whatcom Marine Mammal Stranding Network (WMMSN) for the release of Chitenango and two other harbor seals. Chitenango was found abandoned on a beach on Lummi Island the end of July. He was dehydrated and growing more thin each day so was sent to be cared for at the Wolf Hollow Wildlife Rehabilitation Center. He is now doing well and ready to be released back into the wild.
Christi Spangler of our WMMSN stranding response team took this picture of Chitenango when he was found stranded on the beach prior to his being sent to rehab at Wolf Hollow. He was thought to be barely over 14 pounds at that time. Reported to be 49.8 pounds on October 9th, let's see if you will be able to recognize him in the video and photos we'll be taking tomorrow!

It warms my heart to be able to work with wildlife rehab centers like Wolf Hollow because I know that without their help many of the stranded seal pups reported to marine mammal stranding networks would never get this second chance. Follow the link to read more about his story -

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